[News] Alice in Cheongdam-dong begins filming.

[News] Alice in Cheongdam-dong begins filming.
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'Alice in Cheongdam-dong', the upcoming romantic comedy series on SBS.

The drama stars Moon Geun-young as a young woman who finds herself in the strange (upscale, fashionable) land of Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, an odd environment where image is king. She is clearly not a native, which we could guess from the title alone, but her fish-out-of-water quality is reinforced by these first stills where she’s dressed in a floofy animal costume, playing heroine Han Se-kyung.

Se-kyung is a familiar archetype as a quintessential Candy character, which means she works tons of low-paying jobs with a smile on her face. Se-kyung’s personal motto is “Hard work will earn me my place” and she battles all sorts of hardships with an optimistic attitude. She enters every open contest she can apply to and finally scores a job at an apparel company aspiring to be a designer, only to find that she’s the glorified errand girl for the president’s wife.

The drama is scheduled to take up the post-Five Fingers slot on SBS weekends beginning in December.

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