[VOD & News] Kim So-yun 'The Great Seer' posters released.

[VOD &News] Kim So-yun 'The Great Seer' posters released.
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SBS new drama 'The Great Seer', Kim So-yun posters released.

Kim So Yun as Hae In, Kim So-yeon plays a healer whose destiny is tied to General Yi, but she falls in love with the seer Ji Sang cast by Ji Sung. The story set in the late Goryeo Dynasty in which a group of Feng Shui advisors to the government authorities help the hero Lee Sung Gye become the first king of the Joseon Dynasty.

'The Great Seer'(Dae Poong Soo), starring by Ji Jin-hee as Lee Sung Gye and Ji Sung as Ji Sang the seer who puts him in power. Kim So-yun will be making her drama comeback as the heroine, along with Song Chang-ui.

SBS drama 'The Great Seer' first episode will be air Today (October 10).

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