[News] Linda Chung and Wu Chun look a like.

[News] Linda Chung and Wu Chun look a like.
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This has been discussed quite a bit in the past few years, but yesterday, Linda Chung and Wu Chun met and stood side by side for the first time at the MARC BY MARC JACOBS store opening ceremony.

Linda and Wu Chun seem to be having fun with the idea. Linda was quoted as saying “When I was shooting A Watchdog’s Tale, I had a short hair wig on, and when I was out on the street, people mistaken me for Wu Chun! I’ve thought of cutting my hair short too, but I was afraid I may look too much like him, so I didn’t get it. Friends also think we look very much alike, even for myself, I am starting to wonder if Wu Chun’s really is my long lost brother. I have to go back and ask my mom.” Wu Chun also said “We do kinda look alike. Before when I was shooting with Raymond Lam, he said we really looked alike. Ekin Cheng said the same thing. If we could play brother and sister in a movie/series in the future, that wouldn’t be too bad.”

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