[News] Park Joo Mi Hospitalized After A Car Accident.

[News] Park Joo Mi Hospitalized After A Car Accident.
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Actress Park Joo-mi has been in car accident and she's being transported to Seoul.

Her agency reported to Star News on the morning of the 24th, "Park Joo-mi has been in a car crash around 11.50PM on the 23rd on the Jung-an Highway of Kyeong-buk".

Her car crashed with a 25t dump truck along with her manager and coordinator in the car. They are being transported to Seoul right now.

There was a shoot for the drama "The Great King's Dream" on the 23rd in Je-cheon. She was moving to Kyeong-ju when the accident happened. The level of injury can only be told when she reaches Seoul.

On October 24th, a representative of the drama 'The King's Dream' revealed that Park Joo Mi was involved in an accident with a 25-ton truck.

She was then taken to Seoul's Samsung Medical Center's Intensive Care Unit after the accident took place. The passengers in the car, Park Joo Mi's coordinator Mr. Kim, suffered a broken leg.

Kim Hyung Il, PD of 'The King's Dream' said this "it is true that her injury is more serious than what it originally appeared to be. She is undergoing examination and treatment in the ICU. After, we will most likely discuss her schedules and even her departure with the authorities and her management" and "her health is the most important issue here."

Meanwhile, Park Joo-mi is currently taking on the role of Princess Deok-man (Queen Seon-deok) in the KBS 1TV historical drama "The Great King's Dream".

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