[Photo & News] Kim Hee Sun sobs over Lee Min Ho, “Will he be okay?”

[Photo & News] Kim Hee Sun sobs over Lee Min Ho, “Will he be okay?”
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Yoo Eun Soo(played by Kim Hee Sun) was utterly disrupted at the fact that Choi Young(played by Lee Min Ho) will be left behind.

On the episode of SBS’s Faith that aired on October 23, Yoo Eun Soo was attacked by unidentified man while making the antidote. The man broke the pot that contained the antidote, and ran away with Yoo’s surgical instruments.

Yoo was heartbroken when she saw the antidote trampled on the ground. When court lady Choi(played by Kim Mi Kyung) stepped in the room, she asked, “I am curious. How much did he suffer when he actually became all alone?”

She sobbed and said, “This antidote takes time to incubate, but he must never die before the sky opens up. If not, I have to die. Then what about him?”

Court lady Choi asked, “Are you thinking about staying behind?” Yoo devastatingly said, “I think I will really go crazy if I just leave him like this. Will he be okay? Will he really be okay?” Court lady replied,

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