[News] Song Joong Ki feels bad for letting Park Bo Young promote movie by herself.

[News]  Song Joong Ki feels bad for letting Park Bo Young promote movie by herself.
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Song Joong Ki has recently shared how sorry he felt for participating late for the promotion of the movie A Werewolf Boy.
On November 23, the staff and production crew of the movie gathered at a restaurant in Gwancheol-dong, Seoul to celebrate attracting over 5 million moviegoers. Song said that he felt terribly sorry for not being a part of promotion from the beginning due to another schedule he had for a TV series.

Because he had an overlapping shooting schedule for KBS 2’s drama series The Innocent Man, he had to miss the very first promotion activity for the movie. As the series closed recently, Song is now focused on promoting the movie more than ever.

He said, “Instead of going after my own benefit such as shooting commercials, I’m now more into promoting the movie. Because I know how hard it is to promote a film without a partner, I felt terribly sorry for Bo Young.

“Though I’m suffering physically, I discipline myself and transform into a new person just before I walk on the stage.”

In a previous press conference, the cast said that they would not make any public promise in the hope of attracting people. But Song dropped a word that actors are planning on throwing a guerrilla event instead.
He said, “We (actors) promised each other not to make any public promises related to the movie. We thought it would be better to give a surprise event for the audience.

“We’re actually planning on something special,” and built expectations among people for the upcoming surprise event.

As of November 22, A Werewolf Boy attracted 5,464,835 movie goers and keeps on setting a new record day after day.

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