[News] Tang Wei dates director Kim Tae Yong.

[News]  Tang Wei dates director Kim Tae Yong.
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The fact that actress Tang Wei and director Kim Tae Young are dating has been top secret that only a few people have known.

After the rumor of Tang Wei’s romance with Kim came out, some reporters reported that the rumor is not true, but it has recently been found out that they have actually been dating since 2011.

When Tang Wei and Kim were filming the movie Late Autumn in 2009, people didn’t know about their romance because they were busy shooting the film. They also didn’t know about it because Tang Wei and Kim started dating after they finished shooting the film. Even after the shooting finished, they have kept their friendship as a director and an actress.

A spokesperson for Kim recently said, “As they got closer, they started seeing each other more often.”
Only a few people have known about their romance, and the reason that they have kept it a secret is interesting. Part of the reason is that Tang Wei is a top celebrity, but they wanted to protect Kim’s privacy.
When Tang Wei purchased land near Bundang, they also kept it secret. The land Tang Wei purchased is not very far from the place Kim lives.

On November 23, the magazine Woman reported that Tang Wei and director Kim met each other in 2009 for the film Late Autumn and started dating this year.

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