[Photo & News] Lee Min Ho attracts thousands of fans during his four day stay in the Philippines.

[Photo & News] Lee Min Ho attracts thousands of fans during his four day stay in the Philippines.
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From November 15th to the 18th, actor Lee Min Ho visited the Philippines for a special four day promotional event.

According to his agency, Lee Min Ho arrived in Manila on the 15th where he participated in various interviews with local media outlets before holding a two day event at the Araneta Coliseum in promotion for his modeling brand, ‘Bench‘.

Tens of thousands of fans gathered to see the star at the coliseum and several thousands were said to have been waiting outside. On the day of his CF shoot and fan signing held at the ‘Bench’ store the next day brought in an unexpected crowd of fans that eventually led to the paralyzing traffic in the area.

A Korean living in the Philippines commented, “Out of all of the foreign celebrities visiting the Philippines, Lee Min Ho has received the greatest response thus far. His dramas like ‘Boys Over Flowers‘, ‘Personal Taste‘, and ‘City Hunter‘, as well as ‘Faith‘, which will begin airing next month, has added to his growing popularity. A popular Filipino artist named Sabrina released a Tagalog remake of his ‘Personal Taste’ OST titled ‘Saranghae‘, and it, too, has been earning a great response.”

Filipino media outlets have been giving Lee Min Ho top star treatment, reporting on his day to day activities during his stay there under titles like, “Manila falls in love with Lee Min Ho” and “Korea’s superstar sweeps the nation”.

His concert’s host stated, “I had the best day of my life thanks to Lee Min Ho. His humbleness, warmth, and genuine kindness touched the hearts of the Philippines. Everywhere he went, he brought with him a warm energy, causing people to call him Lee Min Hot. He’s definitely at the top of his fame.”

Lee Min Ho will be visiting Yokohama, Japan next month for another fan meet and is currently working out love calls from America, Indonesia, Thailand, China, and more.

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