[News] Kim Rae-won "My Little Hero" (2012) Poster Released.

[News] Kim Rae-won "My Little Hero" (2012) Poster Released.
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Kim Rae-won's movie "My Little Hero" (2012) Poster Released.

"My Little Hero" is about an impossible mission Yoo Il-han (Kim Rae-won), a third-rate music director, undertakes with a boy named Y0ung-gwang (Ji Dae-han-I) who has zero percent chance in a major musical audition program.

This being Kim's first movie in four years after his military service, "My Little Hero" challenges him with a new character that's full of himself and has a strong will to win. Young-gwang is played by rookie actorJi Dae-han-I who passed the audition.

Other than that the cast is made up of Lee Sung-min, Kwang Soo, Jo An and others and the movie will be released in January next year.

"My Little Hero" Release date in Korea January 2013.

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