[News] Is Kevin Cheng losing status in TVB?

[News] Is Kevin Cheng losing status in TVB?
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The Hong Kong actor allegedly offended TVB’s management after he refused to act opposite his former rumoured girlfriend.

Expect to see fierce competition between well-loved TVB artistes Wayne Lai, Kevin Cheng and Raymond Lam for the Best Actor award at the upcoming annual Hong Kong TVB Awards on December 17.

Kevin, who has spent most of his time filming dramas in China recently, has been nominated for Best Actor award for his outstanding performance in Gloves Come Off.

However, rumour has it that TVB's high level management has internally decided to ban Kevin from winning top honours for the second consecutive time this year.

An insider revealed TVB's management initially selected Kevin to be the most suitable actor for its upcoming period drama, Cold Mountain Hidden Dragon, scheduled to air in 2013. However, the actor was reluctant and rejected the role immediately as soon as he was informed that former rumoured girlfriend, Charmaine Sheh would be casted as the female lead.

TVB's high level management was reportedly furious with him and had to restructure the entire story plot; Kevin's fellow colleague, Kenneth Ma was offered the role of male lead eventually.

Following Kevin's rejection of the role, the management reportedly reduced his TVB assignments as he was missing from the new dramas that were introduced at the TVB Sales Presentation 2013 last month.

Charmaine was unaware about the rumour on Kevin and commented that "all the details for her new TVB drama in 2013 have not been finalised yet".

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