[News] Choi Siwon becomes a Santa.

[News] Choi Siwon becomes a Santa.
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Choi Siwon recently appeared in a Santa costume.

On December 24, the singer tweeted, “Merry Christmas,” and attached the picture.
He looks into the camera with a deep gaze wearing a Santa costume. Nearly half of his face is covered with a fake white mustache, but his gorgeous appearance stands out.

Netizens who saw the posting reacted: “Siwon looks gorgeous even in the Santa costume.” “What made him change into Santa?” “I like his new look as a Santa.” “I thought there were lasers coming out of his eyes.” “Can I have a gift, Santa Siwon?”

In the meantime, Siwon is enthusiastically performing in SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama series The King of Dramas (written by Jang Hang Joon and Lee Ji Hyo and directed by Hong Seong Chang) as the top star Kang Hyun Min with a unique personality.

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