[News] Why ′Tower′ is a Fitting Film for Christmas.

[News]  Why ′Tower′ is a Fitting Film for Christmas.
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With the peak season of Christmas and the end of the year approaching, many moviegoers have been turning their sights to the premiere of the upcoming film, Tower.

Tower is a blockbuster film about how people trapped inside a burning 108-story building fight to survive. It is a monster film, which cost 13 billion won to produce.

Les Miserables, the Hollywood musical film, is currently the strongest film in the box office. According to the Korean Film Council′s Compiled Ticket Computer Network, the film, which premiered on December 19, has gathered 1,265,747 people up to December 23. On December 23 alone it managed to gather 302,999 people. It′s especially managed to leave a good impression on Korean audiences as Hugh Jackman visited the country to promote the film himself.

At no. 2 in the box office is Band Aid, a Korean film that stars Go Soo and Han Hyo Joo. This film also premiered on December 19, and managed to gather 703,270 in total up to December 23.

Tower will premiere on December 25. It′s especially boasting how its mood fits the Christmas season, going well with its premiere on Christmas Day.

The film is even set to take place on Christmas. The disaster comes to take place when a fire starts at a luxurious Christmas party that had been taking place in the tower′s 108th floor. The characters of the film each enjoy Christmas in their own ways; some propose to their lovers, while others confess their love.

There′s another reason Tower is fitting for Christmas. It is a film that can be enjoyed by audiences across all age groups. Most of the films that managed to gather more than 10 million people to its screens was easily approachable by everyone, even the young, the old and entire families. Haeundae, a disaster film that passed the 10 million mark, is one example.

Tower is especially expected to appeal as no films of its kind are currently screening, meaning it may be able to draw audiences looking for such films. Les Miserables is a dramatic musical film, while Band Aid is a romance. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is in the fantasy genre, Marrying the Mafia 5 is a comedy and My PS Partner is a romantic comedy. There are no disaster blockbusters currently in theaters.

Tower stars Sul Kyung Koo, Kim Sang Kyung, Son Ye Jin and Kim In Kwon.

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