[News] Chun Jung-myung, Kim Min-jung to Pair Up for New Rom-com Movie.

[News] Chun Jung-myung, Kim Min-jung to Pair Up for New Rom-com Movie.
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“Glory Jane” actor Chun Jung-myung and “The 3rd Hospital” actress Kim Min-jung is to pair up for an upcoming romantic comedy film.

The pair is revving up to start shooting a new romantic comedy “Queen of the Night” [translated title] on December 17, slated to hit local theaters next spring, the pic’s production firm Ivision Entertainment said Tuesday.

The love story focuses on a timid yet innocent man Yeong-su [played by Chun] who accidentally finds out secrets about his seemingly perfect wife Hee-ju’s [played by Kim] secret and decides to track down her past life.

Chun made his acting debut in 1999 and has appeared in a number of projects including the SBS drama "Fashion 70s", "Sister of Cinderella on KBS and MBC’s "Partner" and most recently“Glory Jane” on KBS>

He also has starred in films such as "The Aggressives" (2005), "Les Formidables" (2006) and "Hansel and Gretel" (2007). His latest film "Hindsight,” also starring Song Kang-ho and Sin Se-gyeong, opened in August 2011 but scored less than one million moviegoers.

Kim, who started her acting career when she was eight years old, made a successful transition to grown-up actress in melodrama pic “L`Abri” (2001) and romantic drama film “Flying Boys” (2004).

She also made impressive appearances on TV dramas MBC’s “Ireland”, SBS’ “Fashion 70s,” MBC’s “New Heart” and most recently tvN’s “The Third Hospital.” She is currently promoting her new film “Marrying the Mafia 5” [tentative title] which will hit the local theaters on December 19.

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