[News] Son Ye-jin at “Tower” Press Conference.

[News] Son Ye-jin at “Tower” Press Conference.
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Son Ye-jin press conference for “Tower” at a theatre in Seoul, South Korea on December 18, 2012.

The production report press conference of the movie ‘Tower’ was held at the Wangshipri CGV with actors Son Ye Jin, Sul Kyung Gu, and Kim Sang Kyung on December 18th.

Actress Son Ye Jin fashioned an elegant mini dress for the press conference. The pearl white dress was hung by two thin threads over her shoulder and it almost looked precarious as if it’d snap at any moment.

Son Ye Jin’s elegance and beauty captured everyone’s attention at the event and the dress also added a little sexiness to her overall look of the day.

‘Tower’ will tell the stories of survival and courage of everyday people in a disaster situation, when a fire breaks out in a 108 story skyscraper building. The film is set to premier on December 19th.

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