[News] Joe Cheng Starts Own Agency and Signs Hottie Toby Lee.

[News] Joe Cheng Starts Own Agency and Signs Hottie Toby Lee.
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Joe Cheng is currently still in the army with a few months left to go, but he’s been in the spotlight still for various entertainment related reasons. The period Taiwanese movie Ripples of Desire, which he filmed prior to enlisting, just got released in Taiwan though Joe had a low key entrance to the movie premiere on crutches due to a recent surgery for a bone fracture sustained during his military service.

The movie co-stars Jerry Yan, Michelle Chen, and Ivy Chen, and is set in the 1700s island off of Taiwan and involves courtesans and pirates and scholars and star-crossed love affairs. I was meh about the trailers so here’s to hoping its good for the sake of the cast. Joe recently left his long time agency Catwalk after his contract was up and started his own agency MIE, as many an entertainer elects to do for greater creative and financial control.

Joe started off at Catwalk along with Mike He and Ethan Ruan (they were all BFFs and were known as the Catwalk Three Musketeers), but Mike left already and now with Joe gone only Ethan remains at the agency with Ethan’s girlfriend Tiffany Hsu among that group which started around the same time.

Catwalk is really a modeling agency first and foremost and it just got lucky it hit the jackpot with hot tall guys who could act like those three. Before Joe enlisted he also signed his first entertainer to his agency and it’s that gorgeous looking due next to Joe.

He’s being called a taller Eddie Peng but honestly he looks like a younger (and taller as well) b to me. His name is Toby Lee (李程彬) and he’s just a young 24 years old. Looks like Joe already has good taste in spotting talent and I’m looking forward to his return from MS and to see what this newbie will bring to the table. These two sure are ridiculously easy on the eyes.

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