[News] Lee Min Ho Says He Was Surprised By Drama’s Popularity in China.

[News] Lee Min Ho Says He Was Surprised By Drama’s Popularity in China.
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With quite a bit of hit projects under his belt, Lee Min Ho figured that he’s gained himself some fame, but he also admitted that he never expected to recieve this much love overseas, especially from China.

During a recent shoot with star lifestyle magazine @star1, Lee Min Ho talked about his rising fame with his dramas Boy Before Flowers and City Hunter, both of which have become quite popular in China.

Lee Min Ho said in the interview, “Up to this point, Korean dramas have been loved overseas, not for its special genre, but for its easy romance or comedy. But because City Hunter is an action-packed drama, I was quite surprised that it was actually popular in China.” 

Now that he’s well-known in both countries, Lee Min Ho says it doesn’t matter what kind of project he is offered, whether it’s Korean or international.

“I think a project is full of charms if it’s a good production or has a character that I’m greedy for," revealed Lee Min Ho. "If it’s a worthwhile project, no matter where it’s created, it’ll be competitive anywhere.”

Adding on to his mindset of dramas, Lee Min Ho said, “From the beginning to the end of a drama, it’s most important that I’m focused on the project that I’m responsible for and feel affection towards it. Then I get faith that the project will end up being good before getting fully engaged in it.”

Lee Min Ho’s entire interview and pictorial will be included in the December issue of @star1.

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