[News] ‘Rich Man, Poor Woman’ to return with a special episode.

[News] ‘Rich Man, Poor Woman’ to return with a special episode.
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On December 25th, it was announced that the popular Fuji TV drama ‘Rich Man, Poor Woman‘ – starring Oguri Shun and Ishihara Satomi – is going to return with a special episode this coming spring.

The drama portrayed the relationship between ‘Hyuga Toru’ (Oguri), a young billionaire and manager of an innovative IT company, and the unemployed female college student ‘Natsui Makoto’ (Ishihara).

Despite Toru’s unsocial behavior, Makoto is able to connect to him through various circumstances and difficulties, which eventually develops into romantic relationship towards the end of the drama. At the very end of the drama, Makoto has to go to Brazil for a job and the two of them end up in a long-distance relationship.

In the special episode, Makoto will be returning to Japan for one week to live at Toru’s place for the short stay. However, the lively and homely Makoto doesn’t seem to feel at home at his apartment, since he rather wants to live with as little furniture as possible.

Throughout this one week, the two of them keep on colliding with their sense of values and their lifestyle, but it also makes them bond more like a family. Moreover, the special episode will explain how ‘Asahina Kosuke’ (Iura Arata) managed to return to Toru and his joint venture “Next Innovation”, which was left unanswered in the final episode.

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