[News] Won Bin becomes endorsement model for ‘Biotherm Homme’.

[News] Won Bin becomes endorsement model for ‘Biotherm Homme’.
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Won Bin has become an endorsement model for worldwide male cosmetics brand ‘Biotherm Homme‘.

Won Bin will begin his activities for ‘Biotherm Homme’ starting in January, and will be actively promoting to increase the premium brand image of ‘Biotherm Homme’. The brand is aiming to promote to men in the age demographic of 20s-30s. In a past survey, Won Bin was chosen as the male model that was the most popular among male college students.

Won Bin commented, “I’ve been using ‘Biotherm Homme’ products for quite some time and it’s a famous worldwide male skincare brand. I’m very happy to work as their new model. I’m going to work hard to become an active professional that matches the image of this worldwide brand.”

Before Won Bin begins his active promotions for the company, ‘Biotherm Homme’ released two black and white photos of Won Bin.

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