[News] Aso Kumiko chosen as the heroine for Nagase Tomoya’s upcoming drama.

[News] Aso Kumiko chosen as the heroine for Nagase Tomoya’s upcoming drama.
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It’s been revealed that Aso Kumiko has been chosen as the heroine in Nagase Tomoya’s upcoming drama series, ‘Nakuna, Hara-chan‘. She will play ‘Echizen-san’, the creator of Nagase’s character ‘Hara-chan’. “It’s been a long time since I’ve starred in a drama series, so I feel uneasy, but with Nagase-san, my co-stars, and staff, I hope to have fun and create a fantasy world where the hero jumps out of a manga,” she said.

‘Nakuna, Hara-chan’ is a love story about ‘Echizen-san’, an ordinary woman who works at a kamaboko factory. Instead of a diary, she draws manga in her notebook to express her daily resentment. One day, the main character ‘Hara-chan’ suddenly jumps out of the manga and falls in love with his creator. The script will be written by Okada Yoshikazu, who was in charge of NHK’s morning drama series ‘Ohisama‘, and it will be produced by the staff of ‘Yokai Ningen Bem‘, a drama that aired from October to December of 2011.

Producer Kawano Hidehiro commented, “I think she’s an actress who can play an everlasting admiration. Hara-chan, who leaves the manga world, falls in love for the first time and continues to run after her. I thought she was perfect for the part. I am looking forward to the birth of a new heroine for this Saturday drama.

Additionally, Kanjani8’s Maruyama Ryuhei will play ‘Tanaka-kun’, an employee of the kamaboko factory who has feelings for ‘Echizen-san’. Kutsuna Shiori, Kaku Kento, and Yakushimaru Hiroko has also been added to the cast.

NTV will air ‘Nakuna, Hara-chan’ starting in January of 2013.

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