[VOD & News] Actors Thank Audiences for Helping ′Tower′ Pass the 3 Million Mark.

[VOD & News] Actors Thank Audiences for Helping ′Tower′ Pass the 3 Million Mark.
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The stars of the film Tower thanked audiences in a video for helping the film pass the 3 million mark.

CJ E&M, the film′s investor and distributor, released on January 5 a video of the actors voicing their thanks for the 3 million record.

Kim Sang Kyung, Kim In Kwon, Kim Sung Oh and Do Ji Han thanked moviegoers in the video.

On January 5, the film added 120,000 moviegoers to the 2.88 million it had gathered until January 4, passing the 3 million mark.

Kim Sang Kyung said in a bright manner, "Finally Tower has passed 3 million. It′s been snowing a lot and the winter is so cold, but I′m really thankful that so many people came to see the film and made up 3 million. Thank you so much. We′ll continue to aim for 4 million, 5 million and even 6 million."

Kim In Kwon said, "Tower was able to pass 3 million thanks to your passion. It′s a film that grows like a tree with love. Please help us make the film one to remember."

Kim Sung Oh said through a video taken with his cell phone, "Be careful of fires, and doublecheck even those that look like they′ve been put out. Go, go, Tower!"

Do Ji Han, who appeared as a rookie firefighter, said, "Our Tower has already passed 3 million. We thank you for the love, and please send it more love so that it can pass 4 million and even 5 million."

Tower is about how people fight to live in a tall tower that catches fire. It stars Son Ye Jin, Sul Kyung Gu, Kim Sang Kyung, Kim In Kwon and more. Since its premiere on December 25, it′s managed to stay on top of the box office, beating out the Hollywood film Les Miserables.

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