[VOD & News] Kim Soo Hyun gets a “Baby Perm”.

[VOD & News] Kim Soo Hyun gets a “Baby Perm”.
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Actor Kim Soo Hyun caught female fans’ attention with his new hair.

A coffee brand that hired Kim as its exclusive model came up with a new commercial on January 7.

The advertisement shows Kim’s new hair which is also known as “Baby Perm.” He looks good as he makes a bright smile holding a coffee cup in one hand.

Netizens show enthusiastic responses to Kim’s baby perm: “You look good in curly hair as well.” “His face looks smaller.” “Looked strange at first, but the more I see him, the more I’m attracted to him.”

Kim Soo Hyun is about to give some change in his acting as he is cast to play the leading role in the movie Secretly, Greatly. He appears as an elite agent from North Korea.

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