[News] "Cheongdam-dong Alice" Moon Geun-young gets birthday wishes.

[News] "Cheongdam-dong Alice" Moon Geun-young gets birthday wishes.
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Moon Geun-young received birthday wishes from her fans who remembered her drama character Han Se-kyeong's birthday. They had seen Han Se-kyeong's resume at the beginning of the drama.

Moon Geun-young received a cake and she took a picture with it right away. She was happy that her fans were so thoughtful.

Netizens say, "No one would have known if it weren't for a fan", "That's overwhelming", "That is her birthday", "Moon Geun-young looks happy" and more.

Meanwhile in "Cheongdam-dong Alice" Cha Seung-jo (Park Si-hoo) just announced marriage with Han Se-kyeong (Moon Geun-young).

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