[News] How did Lee Bo Young look like 12 years ago?

[News] How did Lee Bo Young look like 12 years ago?
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Actress Lee Bo Young (34) attracted attention as people find out how she looked like 12 years ago.

A series of still pictures of MBC’s Love Studio that broadcasted 12 years ago were posted on an online community board recently, with the title “Lee Bo Young appeared in Love Studio at the age of 22.”

She was introduced as a student majoring in the Department of Korean Language and Literature of Seoul Women’s University. Given the tag as woman number three, she paired up with one of the male students as a couple who appeared in the same shooting.

Lee appeals with a pure, cute image of a female college student. She does not look much different from today, only younger.

Netizens who saw how Lee looked like 12 years ago reacted: “She’s been keeping her innocent charm from the past.” “She doesn’t look different.” “People will believe if someone says she was known as the prettiest girl on campus.” “Why did she appear in such a show at the age of 22?” “I can find a new charm in younger Lee Bo Young.”

Lee debuted as a representative model for Asiana Airline in 2005, and she is currently playing the female leading character Lee Seo Young in KBS 2’s weekend drama series My Daughter Seo Young.

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