[News] Yun Jung Hoon to Visit Jakarta for 3 Days!

[News] Yun Jung Hoon to Visit Jakarta for 3 Days.
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If you had recall the driver in that yellow ‘cab’ who picked up the favourite Asian pretty boy Jang Keun Seuk in an episode of Top Gear Korea, then you should know Yun Jung Hoon, who is also part of the Blood Thirsty Prosecutor cast. Invited by Indovision, a TV cable service network for Indonesia, he will be coming to the capital city this coming weekend to promote the two upcoming shows that will be screened and subtitled on Thrill and KIX channel.

For the first time, the 34-year-old actor who is married to the beautiful Han Ga-in (of The Moon Embraces the Sun) will have his hands filled with activities from attending TV shows, meeting the press and meet-and-greet with the fans by watching the premiering shows together. Are we looking at the pilot episodes for the new season of the two shows he will be promoting? We think so.

We know that he is the spunky and bright host from the automotive franchise from BBC, but he has a different side of him when pursuing his character, as a vampire in the thriller K-drama, acting all stunts on his own and proving him to be the next greatest action movie star. That said, the actor and host will definitely be a great addition as one of the Korean actors and entertainment members to visit Indonesia.

2013 also marks for his marriage life to have plans for a baby, where he would like a daughter but his wife would like a son.

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