[News] Hyun Bin shoots a TV commercial for a smart TV brand in the U.S.

[News] Hyun Bin shoots a TV commercial for a smart TV brand in the U.S.
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Actor Hyun Bin recently shot a TV commercial.

On January 17, Samsung Electronics reported that Hyun Bin was recently chosen as a new advertising model for Samsung Smart TV to be launched in 2013.

A spokesperson for Samsung Electronics says, “We thought Hyun Bin would be the best to represent Samsung Smart TV and chose him as a new advertising model for the Smart TV. We’ll try our best to make Samsung Smart TV, which has become more stylish and smarter, to become the best-selling smart TV with Hyun Bin.”

Hyun Bin shot a TV commercial for the new Samsung Smart TV in the U.S. at the end of last year. The TV commercial will be released in January. After he was discharged from military service on December 6, the TV commercial was the first project he did.

As the TV commercial for Samsung Smart TV is the first official project Hyun Bin has done after taking a break for 21 months, it is expected to attract a lot of attention in and out of Korea. Despite the fact that he hasn’t worked in front of cameras for a long time, he perfectly portrayed a romantic guy with a sad look in his eyes.

A spokesperson for the Marketing Department in Samsung Electronics says, “Hyun Big is a top celebrity, but he always tries his bed to improve himself. We thought it matches the characteristic of Samsung Smart TV, and he would effectively deliver the value of the smart TV brand to customers.

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