[News] “Jeon Woochi” Edges out “Missing You”.

Actor Cha Tae-hyun on the set of the KBS drama `Jeon Woochi.` [KBS]
Actor Cha Tae-hyun on the set of the KBS drama "Jeon Woochi." [KBS]

[News] “Jeon Woochi” Edges out “Missing You”.
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The KBS drama “Jeon Woochi” has stretched its winning streak on the Wednesday and Thursday primetime chart, holding off the strong competitor “Missing You” with JYJ’s Park Yuchun.

The historical fantasy topped the chart for three weeks in a row with an average rating of 13.9 percent during the week of January 2 and 3, according to data polled by TNmS [Total National Multimedia Statistics].

The comic series, starring actor Cha Tae-hyun and After School member U-ie, pivots on a rivalry between two Taoist magicians in the Joseon Dynasty.

Next up was the MBC series “Missing You,” which earned the support of 11.7 percent of viewers during the same time period.
The melodrama portrays a love triangle of some of Korea`s hottest actors Park Yuchun, Yoo Seung-ho and Yoon Eun-hye.
The SBS’ period-set drama “The Great Seer” sat at the last position with 10.4 percent of viewers.

In the meantime, AGB Nielson Media Research showed similar figures to TNmS’ during the first week of January.
While “Jeon Woochi” dominated the chart with 12.2 percent, “Missing You” and “The Great Seer” followed next with 10.9 and 8.8 percent, respectively.

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