[News] Lee Da Hae’s Pistol Shooting Skills Are Better Than Jang Hyuk.

[News] Lee Da Hae’s Pistol Shooting Skills Are Better Than Jang Hyuk.
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Jang Hyuk may come off as a tough guy but when it comes to handling firearms, Jang Hyuk seems to have some catching up to do with Lee Da Hae.

KBS recently released new still cuts of Lee Da Hae’s secret agent character for the upcoming Iris 2. In it, Lee Da Hae stars as Ji Soo Yeon, a former Olympic gold medalist in pistol shooting who has now become an NSS agent.

As the show’s producers revealed however, Lee Da Hae’s aim with a gun caught everyone by surprise as a real visit to a shooting range with live ammunition had Lee Dae Hae scoring a remarkable score of 46 out of a possible total of 50. This score was even higher than her co-star Jang Hyuk, which shocked everyone on the drama set.

Though Iris 2 is Lee Da Hae’s first action piece, the actress is continuing to receive 4 to 5 hours of training a day and is said to be receiving praise from the show’s set for her fast learning and action skills.

The actress shared, “Until I joined Iris 2, I always exercised by just following the directison of an instructor but now I’m regularly carrying out my physical regiment by myself. Ji Soo Yeon is a role that I believe can offer myself a lot of change and so I’m shooting the role with a happy heart.”

A producer of the show added, “Lee Da Hae’s action stunts are to the point one wouldn’t believe it’s her first action role and we believe through her Ji Soo Yeon role you will be able to see a great deal of hidden aspects to her."

Set three years after the events of Iris, the drama will premiere on February 13 on KBS.

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