[News] Lee Seung-gi and Suzy in "Medical Novel".

[News] Lee Seung-gi and Suzy in "Medical Novel".
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Lee Seung-gi is attempting at his first historical act through "Medical Novel".

Upcoming MBC drama "Medical Novel" is a martial arts drama about Choi Kang-chi (Lee Seung-gi) a half man-half beast who struggles to become human.

Lee Seung-gi takes on the role of Choi Kang-chi who was born between a human mother and a mountain god. He is a curious and thriving character until he realizes he is a half man-half beast and lives a second life.

Lee Seung-gi starred in the drama "The King 2 Hearts" 10 months ago.
Suzy takes on the role of Dam Yeo-wool who has outstanding skills in archery and martial arts. She believes in the nature of humans and justice and is a character who puts weight in the three fundamental principles and the five moral disciplines in human relations. She is an educator in martial arts at a young age and she's better at it than she is at housework.

The production claims the combination of Lee Seung-gi from "The King 2 Hearts" and Suzy from "Architecture 101" will appeal far better to the viewers.

"Medical Novel" draws the progress of a half man-half beast going through the happiness and sadness of humans in a pleasurable way.

Producer Sin Woo-cheol is responsible for this drama.

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