[News] Kim Won Seok ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ PD to Direct Mnet Music Drama.

[News]  Kim Won Seok ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ PD to Direct Mnet Music Drama.
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Similar to MBN’s What’s Up, Mnet will be creating its own music drama, directed by PD Kim Won Seok.

According to Shin Hyung Kwan, the chief director of Mnet, PD Kim Won Seok and his team will embark on creating a music drama that will run for 12 episodes. PD Kim Won Seok, who recently signed on with CJ E&M, is responsible for bringing success to KBS’ Sungkyunkwan Scandal  back in 2010.

The Mnet chief director continued to say, “The music drama will have a natural mix of music and drama, similar to the movie Once. The point is to fill in the generation gap. The younger generation will be singing songs of their parents’ generation.”

The audition process for the music drama is almost completed and the drama will include a diverse mix of actors, idols, and musicians. There’s a possibility that the participants of Mnet’s Superstar K4, like Roy Kim or Jung Joon Young, will appear in the drama.

The Mnet music drama is scheduled to broadcast sometime in early April.

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