[News] Moses Chan Accepts Having Less Fans As He Ages.

[News] Moses Chan Accepts Having Less Fans As He Ages.
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Although Moses Chan (陳豪) went home empty-handed at last year’s TVB Anniversary Awards, he continues to maintain a positive outlook on his career.

Addressing the question that perhaps he does not have as many fans as the other nominated actors, Moses said, “I don’t mind that other actors have more fans. It’s not a crime. In fact, the other actors have that to their advantage! My fans come from all backgrounds – little kids, teenagers, the older generation, even Filipinos!”

Moses places high importance on his fans, because after all, they are the ones who continue to support him through his ups and downs. “The fans support me unconditionally and don’t ask for anything in return. Sometimes I feel like I don’t do enough and I’ve let them down, so I should be the one apologizing,” Moses explained.

He continued, “If some fans were waiting at the airport for hours just to see me but because I was rushing to catch a flight and only had a minute to say a quick hello, the fans wouldn’t be happy. I would imagine that they’ve cancelled meetings or skipped classes just to come to see me and take photos. In a situation like that, I don’t think it’s right for me to rush by them and not even acknowledge their efforts.”

While Moses has loyal and dedicated fans supporting him, does he ever worry about losing them to the new breed of actors as he ages? Moses answered, “It’s a natural cycle, just like how the earth will continuously evolve. There will always be someone who is younger than you, prettier than you, smarter than works, works harder than you, accomplishes more than you and faster than you.

Honestly, we need a new younger breed of actors. How do folks like me cope with that? Well, we have experience and the wisdom to continue improving ourselves. There are apples, oranges, bananas and lots of fruits in this world. If we mix it together, we have a bountiful fruit garden; if we only have apples and oranges, then that is just too simple.”

Moses’ next project will be starring in Will Power <傳愛事務所> with Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), which is highly anticipated since both actors have received the TV King award. “Many people think that Wayne and I will battle out our acting onscreen, but I don’t think like that. In fact, I’m very excited about working with Wayne and the chemistry that we have. I think the results will be great!”

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