[News] Rain placed under seven day probation in the military, “Why?”

[News] Rain placed under seven day probation in the military, “Why?”
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Singer Rain who is currently serving the army, has been placed under probation.

On January 8, Ministry of National Defense placed celebrity soldier Rain who created a stir by violating the decree on military service, under seven-day probation.

According to the Ministry of National Defense, Rain did post-production editing three times: November 23, December 2 and 9 for a new song in Cheongdam. After the work was done, he met Kim Tae Hee in private and came back to the army in her car, violating the decree on military servie.

Besides the usual training and education, Rain who has been placed under seven day probation, will have time to reflect upon his mistakes instead of doing his regular duties. As for disciplinary actions, there are demotion of rank, confinement, restriction on a furlough and probation. The disciplinary action probation that Rain is under is the lowest level of action.

Previously on January 1, a media revealed that Rain who is serving the military is in a relationship with Kim Tae Hee. He has been captured riding Kim’s car and returning with a paper back in his hand. Therefore the vacation hours of Rain became an issue and created a stir.

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