[News] Rapper So Ji Sub devotes himself to his new EP.

[News] Rapper So Ji Sub devotes himself to his new EP.
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Some snapshots of So Ji Sub recording his new songs were recently released.

On January 15, 3HW, which represents So Ji Sub, released some snapshots of So recording songs from his second EP, Six O’clock…Schoolyard. In the snapshots, So is recording the songs with a serious look on his face.

According to 3HW, So has devoted himself to the EP, writing lyrics to three songs out of total four songs from the EP.

He also recorded the songs in a sincere manner. If he didn’t like his rapping even a bit, he recorded it over again. From the time he received the songs until he started recording them, he didn’t take off his headsets but kept listening to them and practiced.

Songwriter Kim Kun Woo said to So after the first recording, “You did much better than the last time you recorded songs for the first album, Corona Borealis, released in March last year. You must have practiced a lot.”

So received the Best Actor Award and the Teenage Star Award at the 2012 SBS Drama Award.

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