[News] Raymond Lam Denies Living Together With Karena Ng.

[News] Raymond Lam Denies Living Together With Karena Ng.
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Rumors linking Raymond Lam (林峯) with 19-year-old Karena Ng (吳千語) were reignited when Raymond thanked ‘BB’ in his acceptance speech after winning JSG’s Most Popular Male Singer. Sudden Weekly reported that the luxury condo that Karena is staying in, is paid for by Raymond although the leading man denied it all again.

Ever since working together in Love is…Pyjamas <男人如衣服> last April, there have been countless rumors linking Raymond and Karena together. However, both have always maintained that they are merely good friends.

Raymond Living With Karena?

On New Year’s Eve last year, a singer who performed with Raymond in Guangzhou for the countdown event told reporters that he spotted Raymond talking secretively and sweetly on the phone. This led the media to surmise it was Karena on the other line.

The media also speculated that the “BB” Raymond thanked in his JSG Music Awards acceptance speech was Karena, and that he has purportedly met her parents as well.

In other news, photographs of Raymond coming out of Karena’s rented condo at MacDonnell Road in the mid levels in Hong Kong were exposed. The media performed a basic financial analysis on Karena and concluded that as a newcomer to the industry, she could not afford the $80,000 HKD monthly rental of the apartment. Rumored boyfriend, Raymond, was speculated to be partially living together with Karena.

Karena’s Admiration for Raymond

It did not help that ever since partnering with Raymond, Karena has nothing but compliments for him. Not only did she sing high praises of Raymond’s good looks, she also defended him when he was accused of being a “player” in love by mainland actress, Liu Yuqi (劉羽琦). At the 45th TVB Anniversary Awards, Karena also gave her full support to Raymond for TV King.

It was rumored that Karena was so enamored with Raymond that she broke up with her then-boyfriend, Derek Lim, son of 1985 Miss Hong Kong second runner-up, Ellen Wong’s (王愛倫), to be with Raymond.

Raymond Denies Living Together

When the reporters caught up with Raymond last Friday at the opening of the Ernest Borel flapship store in Mongkok, Raymond shot, “Don’t you all have something to ask me?” before the reporters could get out their notepads.

Denying he has ever seen Karena’s apartment or been there, Raymond stressed once again that they are just good friends and the ‘BB’ was one of his family members.

“I must thank the media for such good exposure just before my concert. But I really do not need this kind of publicity. To be fair, I was a newcomer once so I know this kind of news is bad for her (Karena). By distorting the truth, you are doing a lot of harm to her.

I understand you all want to gather news about her, but don’t write things even the reported subjects involved do not know of!” Raymond blasted the media, while being highly protective of Karena.

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