[News] “Seo-young, My Daughter” Unstoppable Winner on Weekly Chart.

Actress Lee Bo-young on the set of KBS drama “Seo-young, My Daughter.” [KBS]
Actress Lee Bo-young on the set of KBS drama “Seo-young, My Daughter.” [KBS]

[News] “Seo-young, My Daughter” Unstoppable Winner on Weekly Chart. 
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The KBS weekend drama “Seo-young, My Daughter” has stretched its winning streak for the 17th straight week.

The family drama secured the top spot on the weekly TV chart by registering an average rating of 43.3 percent during the week of January 21 to 27, according to data polled by TNmS [Total National Multimedia Statistics].

The Lee Sang-yoon and Lee Bo-young starrer has captivated audiences with its delicate portrayal of a father-daughter relationship.

Following the elusive winner was the KBS daily series “Cheer Up, Mr. Kim!,” which pulled in 31.1 percent of total viewers during the same time frame.

The drama has garnered popularity thanks to singer/actor Kim Dong-wan, who plays an honest man, Kim Tae-pyeong.

While SBS reality show “The Laws of the Jungle” sat at No. 3 with 20.6 percent, “KBS 9 o’clock News” ranked at the fourth place after scoring 20.2 percent.

MBC Monday and Tuesday primetime drama “The King’s Doctor,” starring Cho Seung-woo and Lee Yo-won, rounded off the top five with 20.0 percent last week.

Other TV programs in the top ten included KBS comedy show “Gag Concert,” MBC weekend series “One Hundred Years’ Legacy,” “Jeonju KBS News (0935),” KBS talk show “Beautiful World Gangwon” and SBS variety program “I Like Sundays.”

In the meantime, Nielsen Korea showed different orders of the top three programs from TNmS’ during the fourth week of January.

While “Seo-young” dominated the chart with 42.7 percent and “Cheer Up” followed next with 29.4 percent, “The Laws of the Jungle” ranked at the No. 3 spot with 20.6 percent.

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