[Spoiler] Yunho does his own stunts on ‘Queen of Ambition’.

[Spoiler] Yunho does his own stunts on ‘Queen of Ambition’.
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Yunho showed his passion for his project by carrying out the stunts on his own through ‘Queen of Ambition‘.

On the 4th episode of ‘Queen of Ambition’, Yunho’s character had gotten into a car accident. For the scene, it is said that Yunho stepped forward and performed the wire action himself instead of using a stunt double.

In the episode, Yunho was told that his ice hockey team was being broken up. After being told, he chased after his father to argue but while trying to chase after his father’s car, he got hit by another car that was coming from the other direction, tossing his body into the air. After the accident, he was told he could no longer do sports.

According to staff, Yunho stepped forward and actively put the wire on to act out the scene himself instead of relying on a professional stunt double. The staff revealed, “For the car accident scene, Yunho got on the wires 7 times. Actors don’t like using wires because you can get injured and the pain felt while wearing the wire is quite severe, but Yunho did it himself with the determined mind set of a rookie actor.

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