[News] Actress Lee Jin says hi to her fans.

[News] Actress Lee Jin says hi to her fans.
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On February 26, actress Lee Jin posted her recent photo on her me2day page to say hi to her fans. She commented on the close-up photo of herself, “It’s been a long time since I last wore this much makeup.”

In the photo, her flawless skin and dark wavy hair make her look even younger than she did before. In case you have never heard of her before, she used to be a member of one of the first pop groups in Korea, Fin. K. L., along with Lee Hyori.

Two of the members, Ock Joo Hyun and Lee Hyori, stayed in the music business as solo artists, whereas the other two, Lee Jin and Sung Yu Ri started a new career in acting.
Her fans were excited to hear from her.

They responded: “She doesn’t seem to age at all.” “She’s only becoming more beautiful over time.” “She must be going somewhere nice to look so happy.”

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