[News] Police updates on the status of Park Si Hoo’s alleged sexual assault investigation.

[News] Police updates on the status of Park Si Hoo’s alleged sexual assault investigation.
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Some updates have come about after the lawsuit filing by the previously mentioned trainee against Park Si Hoo for sexual assault.

It was previously assumed that the trainee had filed the lawsuit directly through legal representatives with the police, but it has been revealed that trainee ‘A’ had attended a counseling session, and it was there that she reported about the sexual assault.

According to the police, she requested a session at the counseling center at about 8PM, and later reported the case and filed through the center at 11PM.

The investigations on her part are now finished. The police said, “We were going to summon Park Si Hoo at around 9PM on the 19th to confirm matters, but Park Si Hoo appointed a lawyer and therefore requested the summons to be delayed. We are going to mediate a summon date with Park Si Hoo to continue investigations.” Currently, there is no set date.

When asked about how ‘A’ was doing, the police said, “The woman is comparatively fine. Because we could not yet investigate the accused, there is nothing that is confirmed. Once the investigations on the accused is done, we are going to have a briefing about the facts.

It has also been revealed that there is CCTV footage of ‘A’ and Park Si Hoo at the place they had drank together before the alleged sexual assault happened. It is not yet known if this footage will be used as evidence, but according to the food stand owner, he was able to spot on the CCTV that ‘A’ was able to walk down the stairs fine when the two were leaving, and that he will provide the footage if requested so by the police.

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