[Drama Article] "You're the Best Lee Soon Shin" Yoo In Na's Unlikable Character, "Why?"


[Drama Article] "You're the Best Lee Soon Shin" Yoo In Na's Unlikable Character, "Why?"
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Why did Yoo In Na stumble into such an unlikable character?

There are a few characteristics that almost always appear in "masterpiece" dramas. One of those elements is the variety of characters that stand out with their own personalities. An important aspect of the characters is that one character may not be used to give more credit to another character. Each character must have a unique story that explains the reason for their creation in the drama.

For example, in the famous drama "My Daughter Seo Young", was there a villainous character who purposely wished to harm Lee Seo Young (Lee Bo Young)? No. There was a character named Jung Sun Woo but this person did not create any crucial issues for Lee Seo Young, but just added to the dramatic effects. And also, the other characters Kang Ki Bum, Cha Ji Sun and Choi Ho Jung all had a story of their own that created more depth to the drama.

However, "My Daughter Seo Young's" follow up drama "You're the Best Lee Soon Shin" contains a character that is very hard to like, or even get used to. It is the main character Lee Soon Shin's older sister Lee Yoo Shin portrayed by actress Yoo In Na. The problem is that Yoo In Na's character is being portrayed as a bad character for no particular reason.

In the drama, Lee Yoo Shin and Lee Soon Shin are sisters. Even though they are step-sisters, they currently are not aware of that fact. Regardless, Lee Yoo Shin is always discontent with everything Lee Soon Shin does. In the episode that aired on March 24, Lee Yoo Shin bluntly blames Lee Soon Shin for the death of their father.

Family members learn that their father had been on his way to meet Lee Soon Shin and also find out that Lee Soon Shin was scammed out of a very large amount of money. However, as an older sister who is an adult, it is becoming very irritating to see how Lee Yoo Shin treats her little sister. There was a scene where Lee Yoo Shin throws all of Lee Soon Shin's belonging to the floor and yelling at her to get out. A significant number of viewers have expressed their confusion about Lee Yoo Shin's character.

However, there is a reason why Yoo In Na's character Lee Yoo Shin is behaving this way. The theme of the drama is based on the story of "Ugly Duckling". Since the drama plans to feature Lee Soon Shin as an ugly duckling who grows into a beautiful swan, the drama does need a character like Lee Yoo Shin. The viewers will be able to understand the purpose of Lee Yoo Shin's character better if an underlying story is added.

On the official website for "You're the Best Lee Soon Shin", Lee Yoo Shin's character is described as Lee Soon Shin's older sister who had always picked on her ever since an incident where their house almost burnt down. While Lee Soon Shin and Lee Yoo Shin were playing around with fire, the kitchen catches on fire. Lee Yoo Shin becomes very jealous when their mother saves her little sister first and ever since then, Lee Yoo Shin had been picking on Lee Soon Shin.

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