[Photo & News] ‘That Winter, The Wind Blows’ Gets Beautifully Captured on 'High Cut'.

[Photo & News] ‘That Winter, The Wind Blows’ Gets Beautifully Captured on 'High Cut'. 
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The hottest drama at the moment, SBS’ That Winter, The Wind Blows invited fashion magazine, High Cut along on the ride up a vast and snowy mountain for a very important shoot.

Chasing after Zo In Sung and Song Hye Gyo, High Cut managed to capture the beauty of the drama, the cast, as well as the landscape that proved the most difficult to grasp.

The scene took place at the Yong Pyong Ski Resort in Pyeongchang and required the cast and crew to visit the location three times, due to difficult weather conditions the first two times around. But third time’s the charm, because the weather was on the team’s side and provided a beautiful scene for everyone to enjoy.

Despite continuously dropping temperatures and razor sharp winds, the cast and crew managed to pull through each line and action, eventually getting the OK from the director.

Zo In Sung and Song Hye Gyo especially had it rough as the required to two actors to engage in an intense snow fight and roll around in the snow. The scene proved as difficult to film as it sounded, making the actors react the scene multiple times with makeup retouches made often.

Another problem erupted when the sun began to set and the crew scurried to move from the shadows and use the little bit of sunlight left in the day. When the filming finally concluded for the day, Song Hye Gyo commented that it felt like she just filmed for some war movie.

The filming moved locations to a hospital scene, where Kim Bum and A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji joined the cast.

During break time, Zo In Sung noticed that a female ajumma patient was watching a rerun That Winter, The Wind Blows in the rest area next to where the drama was being filmed. Hoping to give the drama fan a nice present, Zo In Sung introduced himself as the man, who popped out from the screen, surprising the fan and making the crew burst into laughter.

The entire pictorial and summary of High Cut’s two nights and three days with That Winter, The Wind Blows crew can be found in issue 97.

Meanwhile, That Winter, The Wind Blows has been taking the number one spot in ratings for Wednesday and Thursday nights for several weeks now. 

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