[News] Fan Bing Bing Upset - 'The Final Red Carpet Guest' Spot Taken by Aimee Chan.


[News] Fan Bing Bing Upset - 'The Final Red Carpet Guest' Spot Taken by Aimee Chan.
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Yesterday Fan Bingbing, Moses Chan, Aimee Chan, Aarif Lee, Simon Yam and Gordon Lam attended the Century Sakura fashion show held in Shenzhen. Initially Fan Bingbing was suppose to walk down the red carpet, but due to some confusion in the arrangements, she didn't appear until half way through the show.

Instead, TVB FaDan Aimee Chan had unexpected good luck land on her as she was the last guest to walk down the red carpet. Fan Bingbing made a special trip to Shenzhen to take part in this event, but Aimee ends up taking her spot, which was upsetting to her. She appeared cool throughout the fashion show and declined interviews from the media. Yesterday Fan Bingbing's manager denied the dissatisfaction with the arrangements, but said without concealing that she does not know Aimee.

Although Aimee and her boyfriend Moses did not walk down the red carpet together, they still openly took pictures together and accepted interviews together backstage. When the media started calling them "Mr. and Mrs. Chan", the couple smiled sweetly. Moses said lovingly: "I'm very happy to attend this event with Aimee, our last event together was a while ago. (Everything was perfect except you two didn't get to walk down the red carpet together?) The most important is we are together now. (Do you accept people addressing you and Aimee as Mr. and Mrs. Chan?) I heard it. Correction, it should be Mr. Chan and Ms. Chan."

Aimee laughed and said she did not hear the media calling her Mrs. Chan, she just heard her boyfriend correcting everyone that she's Ms. Chan. Aimee said: "Today I made a little mistake, my visa expired a month ago and I didn't know. I was really worried I wouldn't be able to attend this event, fortunately everything is fine."

Gordon Lam got a "Head Prize" During Show

Also, Gordon Lam unfortunately got a "Head prize" (hit on the head) at the fashion show. Surprisingly, there was a pinky-size nail that came flying down from the second floor and hit Gordon on the forehead. Gordon was in so much pain and felt blood flowing out. His forehead immediately swell up, but because the show was about to start, he did not say anything.

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