[News] ‘IRIS 2' actos showing great passion.

[News] ‘IRIS 2' actos showing great passion.
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New photos of actors of 'IRIS 2' were revealed.

On March 23rd, new photos of actors of 'IRIS 2' were revealed. In the photos, all of the actors are showing great concentration on reading their scripts.

Jang Hyuk (casting as Jung Yoo Gun), Lee Da Hae (Ji Soo Yeon), Oh Yeon Soo (Choi Min), Kim Young Cheol (Baek San), Yoon So Yi (Park Tae Hee), and Cho Sung Ha (Ha Seung Jin) are all concentrating on reading their scripts, and their professional looks are drawing many people's attention.

Furthermore, Yoon Dujun(casting as Seo Hyun Woo), and Lee Jun(Yoon Si Hyuk) are also showing great passion, having thorough conversations with director Pyo Min Soo.

An official said, "IRIS 2 is a drama of a very special genre, and actors' thorough comprehension is necessary. Many changes get made by actors' suggestions, and all of them are showing amazing passion."

On the other hand, the 13th episode of 'IRIS 2' will air on March 27th at 10 PM.

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