[News] Nick celebrates victory in Thailand.

[News] Nick celebrates victory in Thailand.
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12 Mar – Despite his absence at the Hong Kong Federation of Filmmakers Awards to receive his 2012 Outstanding Performance Film Actor accolade for his role in "Nightfall", actor Nick Cheung was still able to celebrate his victory with his cast mates in Thailand.

HK Top Ten reported that the actor, who was unable to return to Hong Kong and attend the event due to his filming obligations in Thailand, celebrated his well-deserved win with "The Cartel War" director Benny Chan and fellow cast mates Sean Lau, Louis Koo, Berg Ng and others with a few bottles of champagne.

The actor expressed, "Although the team didn't give me time off to return to Hong Kong for the award, they still think about me. Our team's cinematographer Fletcher Poon also received Best Cinematography, which is proof that we have a solid team."

Nick celebrates victory in Thailand

However, Nick still has a chance to make his acceptance speech, as the actor was also nominated for the Best Actor category at the 22nd Hong Kong Film Awards.

When asked if he is confident about winning Best Actor again, Nick looked at his fellow actor Sean Lau and answered, "Winning an award depends on your fate. But I admire how Sean joked that his chances were not high because this time the competition was strong, with two with the last name Leung and two with the name Ka Fai. This sidestepping is almost the best, he indeed is an expert!"

In related news, the busy actor also had to return to Hong Kong to conclude the filming of another movie, "That Demon Within", before returning to Thailand again to continue filming.

Meanwhile, Nick's wife, actress Esther Kwan revealed that she would not be able to accompany her husband to the Hong Kong Film Awards due to her obligations to her new TVB drama, but is happy to see that Nick's hard work is being recognised by many.

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