[News] Raymond Lam is Luk Siu Fung.


[News] Raymond Lam is Luk Siu Fung.
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After much speculation, it was recently revealed that TVB actor Raymond Lam will play Luk Siu Fung in the upcoming mainland Chinese television adaptation drama, "Lu Xiaofeng And Hua Manlou".

Popular Asians reported that Raymond would be the sixth person to play Luk Siu Fung, the main protagonist in the self-titled wuxia novel series written by the late Gu Long, and the fifth one for a television adaptation.

The series have been adapted numerous times into films and television series, and starred various actors, ranging from Damian Lau in the 1976 TV version, Jimmy Lin in the 2000's Taiwanese version and Julian Cheung in mainland's first adaptation back in 2006.

It was alleged that Raymond, who initially denied his participation in the drama, was paid RMB 500,000 for the role. However, the actor has refused to comment on the rumour.

In related news, the drama, produced by West Coast Media, also stars actor Zhan Xiaolong as titular best friend, Fa Moon Lau. In addition, Lan Xi, Zhang Meng, Kent Cheng and Leanne Liu have also reportedly joined the project.


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