[News] Ming Dao halts financial help.


[News] Ming Dao halts financial help.
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Taiwanese actor Ming Dao recently admitted that he had been a fool to work so hard all these years just to see it disappear into the hands of his brother's creditors.

According to Groove Asia, Ming Dao stated, "My brother is often in financial troubles and I always have to use my hard-earned money to pay his debts. But this time around, I have decided not to help him again and let him take responsibility for his own actions."

The actor continued, "I have realised that I have been spoiling him by helping him settling his debts all this while. It's time to stop and let him learn from his mistakes."
He also admitted that he recently started investing his money, knowing full well that his family is bad at managing finances.

Ming Dao, who earns at least NTD 1 billion annually, recently made headlines when he was continuously pestered by a creditor, who claims that his brother named him as a guarantor after owing a debt of about NTD 6.5 million.

When asked about his feelings when he found out that his brother had named him as a guarantor without his knowledge, Ming Dao replied, "It's like falling out of love. I can't help but feel sad over the news, but life has to go on."

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