[News] Reen Yu spotted in boyfriend Vic Chou’s house.


[News] Reen Yu spotted in boyfriend Vic Chou’s house.
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The Chinese model-actress enters her boyfriend Vic Chou’s apartment freely while he is away.

Vic Chou's rumoured girlfriend, Chinese model-actress Reen Yu, has been spotted in his empty house on several occasions.

According to the Taiwanese media, Vic’s house is currently vacant as the Taiwanese artiste is busy promoting his upcoming movie Saving General Yang in various countries and his girlfriend Reen has the privilege of entering his house when she pleases.

Reen was caught leaving the apartment for the salon to style her hair last week.

Dressed in casual clothes, the actress, who usually wears a mask whenever she leaves Vic’s house, did not attempt to disguise herself at all. She was also not afraid of the public recognising her.

Sporting a new hairstyle when she left the salon two hours later, Reen met a female friend and the two proceeded to a restaurant for dinner.

She then headed back to Vic’s place alone. The security guard warmly welcomed her back and even opened the door for her, showing that the actress visits her rumoured boyfriend’s house so often such that the security guard recognises her.

Responding to the reports, both Vic and Reen’s managers said that they would not comment on their artistes’ private schedule.

The couple’s alleged relationship was exposed when intimate photos of the pair surfaced early this year. Reen was also caught shuttling in and out of Vic’s apartment a few times, giving rise to speculations that the pair is cohabiting.

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