[News] Vivian Chow Invited to Film for TVB Again.


[News] Vivian Chow Invited to Film for TVB Again.
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Forty-six-year old Vivian Chow (周慧敏) has maintained her young and innocent looks that stole the hearts of many in the 1990s. With her big round eyes, slim figure and long black hair, Vivian’s return to the show business has many wondering what her next project will be. According to sources, Eric Tsang (曾志偉) has extended an invitation for Vivian to return to TVB to film a series. After all, it has been 21 years since she last graced the small screen in The Greed of Man <大時代>

It is Eric’s hope that Vivian can team up with 47-year-old Veronica Yip (葉玉卿) and 54-year-old Teresa Mo (毛舜筠 ) to star in a female-centric series.  Veronica has already verbally agreed and Teresa is still considering.

A source revealed, “Vivian is very good friends with Virginia Lok (樂易玲). Vivian even returned to help out during the Lunar New Year show. Because all the fadans recently left and the audiences keeps seeing the same faces over and over, Ms. Lok wanted to approach Vivian about returning to TVB. She also asked Eric to recruit some new faces to partner with Vivian instead of the same cast. Seeing the success of using a new cast and production team for Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!>, they are hoping to use the same method to breathe some fresh air to the TVB series.”

The source continued, “Tony Leung Ka Fai (梁家辉) already agreed and Vivian really likes the script, so filming is slated to begin later in the year. TVB spent a lot of resources in making this happen. The story will revolve around a group of women who reunite after starting their own families and they reflect upon their youth. Vivian and Veronica’s characters even had a relationship together when they were younger! Veronica already verbally agreed to filming the series when they were discussing the script.”

When Vivian was asked by the media to confirm reports that she is returning to TVB, she said, “There’s no such thing.” Vivian’s manager then said, “There were talks of shooting a travel-related show but I haven’t heard anything else. But Vivian’s relationship with TVB is very good.”

Ms. Lok shared, “Nothing has been confirmed yet. Besides, Eric is not in Hong Kong. We’ll have to wait and see when he comes back, but we’ll definitely let you guys know!”

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