[News] Jang Hyuk VS Song Seung Hun VS Shin Ha Kyun: The Wed-Thu Actor War.

[News] Jang Hyuk VS Song Seung Hun VS Shin Ha Kyun: The Wed-Thu Actor War.
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On Monday and Tuesday, viewers will bear witness to an actress war, but yet another big war is coming up for Wednesdays and Thursdays.

With the first episode of SBS′ Everything About My Relationship, which aired on April 4, Shin Ha Kyun has joined in the battle between Jang Hyuk and Song Seung Hun to take up a corner in another three-way competition.
According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, KBS2′s Iris 2, starring Jang Hyuk, was in the lead for the most recent battle on April 4 with 11.1 percent viewership ratings. The number was closely followed by Song Seung Hun′s MBC When a Man Loves with 10.1 percent while Shin Ha Kyun′s Everything About My Relationship started up slowly with 7.4 percent.

So far the stats have been showing Jang Hyuk is at an advantage.

Through his drama, he′s been showing again that he is the king of action scenes. He effectively uses everything from guns to his own bare hands to put on jaw-dropping action scenes, showing he is on an entirely different level.

The way he transformed into Ken of Iris after being kidnapped by the terrorist organization especially flaunted his prowess by showing he could switch between completely different characters in a short time. His loving eyes became cold and indifferent ones, but it didn′t look awkward one bit.

Song Seung Hun has been putting on his own romantic show in When a Man Loves. He appears as Han Tae Sang, a man who looks cold on the outside but actually has a warm heart. He managed to steal female hearts with his looks, fit body and romantic personality.

Through the first and second episodes, the actor set the definition of ′romantic macho′, becoming a man of pure love before his woman, Seo Mi Do (Shin Se Kyung).

Shin Ha Kyun, on the other hand, has been going a lighter route with his romantic comedy Everything About My Relationship. Despite his new image, he′s still managed to show he holds the crazy acting skills he showed off in KBS2′s Brain.

The actor appeared as the former justice and current assemblyman Kim Soo Young. His sarcastic and cynical personality successfully became a comical one as his character was taken to the extreme, drawing laughs from his viewers.

Though his drama lagged behind his other two competitors, he shone in his role and showed he had a great chance of rising to the higher ranks.

The charismatic Jang Hyuk, romantic Song Seung Hun and comical Shin Ha Kyun will be putting on an interesting battle in the weeks to come.

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