[News] A New Round Begins with ‘God of the Workplace’ at First.

[News] A New Round Begins with ‘God of the Workplace’ at First. 
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The end of dramas begins a new round, and on Monday night, SBS’ Jang Ok Jung and MBC’s The Gu Family Book stepped up to the plate to play with KBS God of the Workplace, which had an early start.

All three dramas had its unique stories and fancy actors, but for the first round between these three, God of the Workplace came out first with 12.3 percent, quickly followed by Jang Ok Jung at 11.3, and that was chased even closer with Gu Family Book at 11.2.

Although it’s too early to say anything for certain, this season of drama should be pretty competitive.

Monday, April 8, 2013


8:15 PM

KBS Cheer Up, Mr. Kim 28.4

10:00 PM

1. KBS God of the Workplace 8.2
2. SBS Jang Ok Jung 11.3
3. MBC Gu Family Book b>11.2

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