[News] Korean Female Stars Charged with Drug Use.

Actress Park SI-yeon at the red carpet event of the 17th Busan International Film Festival, at the Busan Cinema Center in Busan, Korea, on October 4, 2012. [TenAsia/ Lee Jin-hyuk]

[News] Korean Female Stars Charged with Drug Use.
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Korean female talents Lee Seung-yeon, Park Si-yeon and Jang Mi In Ae have been accused by the Seoul Metropolitan Police with illegal and habitual use of psychoactive drug.
The three actresses attended the second hearing of the case where they were accused of inveterate use of propofol at the Seoul Central District Court on April 8.
During the hearing, they all admitted to using propofol but insisted that it was for medical and beauty treatments and that they have no dependence upon the drug.
Lee and Park partly admitted to getting injections but protested their innocence adding that it was part of proper practice as prescribed by their physicians, who are also accused of the illegal prescriptions.
The “Missing You” starlet Jang asked to separate her case from Lee and Park’s since she wasn't even aware of the practice, but the prosecution refuted it based on circumstantial evidence.
According to the prosecution’s office, Park is suspected of injecting propofol 185 times, Lee for 111 times and Jang for 95 times between 2011 and 2012.
The accused stars and prosecution displayed an acute state of confrontation, department of justice decided to open the trial again two weeks from now. The next hearing is scheduled for April 22.

TV personality Hyun Yeong, who was accused for injecting propofol for 42 times, received a summary order of eight million Korean Won [about 7,023 U.S. Dollars] fine on March 19.
It is the second time for Lee Seung-yeon, a star from the 90s’, to halt her activities since being embroiled in a controversy where she was accused of belittling comfort women. She was featured as a comfort woman in a photo book in 2004.
The same year, Lee made a successful comeback to the big screen with her role in film director Kim Ki-duk’s Venice-winning film “3-iron.”

This case of the four familiar faces is being hailed as a shamful example by members of the Korean press as demonstratin the habitual use of propofol for beauty treatment, which are especially rampant among beauty clinics in Seoul's Gangnam area.

An official from the prosecution’s office said in a news report that, “the propofol misuse is a growing trend among celebrities, doctors, workers in pharmaceutical companies and adult entertainment establishments.”

The case follows the drug-related situation involving another Korean star. One month ago, Korean idol group DMTN’s lead vocal Daniel Choi pleaded guilty to a charge of selling marijuana and stepped down from his MC position on "Pops in Seoul," one of the flagship programs on Arirang TV.

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