[News] Lee Seung Gi’s Fans Gift More Than 10,000 Ramen Packages.

[News] Lee Seung Gi’s Fans Gift More Than 10,000 Ramen Packages. 
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Lee Seung Gi’s fans are something else!

On April 2, the press conference for MBC’s upcoming drama “Gu Family Book” was held and many visitors were drawn to something else besides the beautiful celebrities lined up. Lee Seung Gi’s fans caught the attention of the media with their creative gift.

Many celebrities’ fans gift tons of rice as tradition along with flower wreaths with meaningful messages, but his fans decided to gift ramen. It was reported that they gifted 12,000 ramen with the message “Ramen Wreath from Lee Seung Gi Fans.” 

After seeing the huge gift, Lee Seung Gi commented, “Thank you to the considerate fans for the gift. We’ll give it to a good cause.”

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